A Josh Mason Documentary Film

Based On A True Story From Arizona

A true-to-life adaptation of one of the first cases that Brian and Skye were involved with in Arizona. 

This documentary film depicts the situation a local 14 year old girl found herself in – locked in a dog cage during the day, and forced to have sex with dozens of men each night.

The case shook all levels of our community and turned law enforcement, business owners, individuals, and the faith community upside down. 


Film Synopsis

Hope Christianson (Dayna Weiland) is a normal teenage girl who has been waiting to experience all of her “firsts.” First job, first car, first boyfriend. 

Naive as they come, she goes on a date with a 20-year-old former classmate Shane (Justin Smart) who leads her right into a trap. 

Here she is abducted into sex trafficking by Shane’s sketchy friend Anthony (Anders Lettie) and their malevolent slave driver Dante (James Esquibel). 

To get away from this life, her only choice is to escape on her own.

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What happened to this young lady? How can a teen girl possibly recover from such a horrible tragedy? What do the police and recovery program professionals have to say about cases like this?

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Skye Steele, Co-founder Where Hope Lives

Skye Steele, Co-founder of the Where Hope Lives human trafficking recovery program, sheds light on the harrowing reality of sex trafficking and the healing journey of survivors. 

She explains how girls as young as 11 are lured into the industry with false promises of love, security, and a better life. 

However, what they face is something much darker and traumatic. 

Officer Phillip Haller, Phoenix Police Department

Officer Haller from the Phoenix Police Department is a testament to the unsung heroes who devote their lives to fighting the insidious crime of human trafficking. 

In a powerful video documentary, he shares his harrowing first-hand experiences of rescuing girls out of inhuman conditions, bringing them the hope and support they so desperately need. 

Shauna Sexton, Where Hope Lives Program Director

In the documentary, Shauna Sexton, the Program Director of the Where Hope Lives human trafficking recovery program, sheds light on the harrowing reality of how girls get lured into sex trafficking.

Being a survivor herself, she explains that traffickers often prey on vulnerable youth who come from broken homes, those with low self-esteem, and those who long for love and affection.