"Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose." Philippians 2:2

Phoenix, AZ

In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, two of the valley’s largest churches stood tall, each representing their own call to follow Jesus and serve the Phoenix Area, and both driven by a deep sense of purpose to serve Christ. 

Dream City Church and Christ Church of the Valley were (and are) beacons of hope in the city, each with its unique congregation and mission. For years, they existed side by side, separated only by distance and the mission God had them on. However, in a world filled with darkness, an unrelenting evil called human trafficking, God began to birth out “something new” to unite them against a common foe.

The problem of human trafficking had plagued Phoenix for decades, leaving a trail of shattered lives and broken dreams. Children and young adults were being stolen from their families, their innocence robbed, and their futures destroyed. The situation was dire, and the city cried out for heroes. One local police lieutenant took it upon herself to write letters to Dream City and Christ Church – asking, begging for help. 

In a divine twist of fate, leaders from both churches began to respond to the call to combat this pervasive evil. At first, there was uncertainty about how to best fight human trafficking, no one had ever done it before at this scale and in this city. But as the gravity of the situation weighed on their hearts, it became clear that God had a bigger plan in mind.

Over the course of years, pastors and volunteers from Dream City Church and Christ Church of the Valley began working together humbly, setting aside different callings and merging gifts to focus on the greater good. They realized that it was their duty to shine a light into the darkest corners of the city and rescue those who had been ensnared by the sinister forces of human trafficking.

For a decade, the two churches tirelessly worked side by side, each bringing its unique strengths to the fight. 

Dream City Church’s extensive community outreach programs through the Phoenix Dream Center campus and Christ Church of the Valley’s laser-focused StreetLightUSA campus complemented each other perfectly. Separately, they had forged the largest human trafficking recovery operation the world had ever seen, saving countless lives of children and young adults. 

Our Founders

Pastor Larrie Fraley, Skye Steele, Pastor Brian Steele

In 2008, Pastor Larrie Fraley, Skye Steele, and Pastor Brian Steele came together to launch what today has become the Where Hope Lives program, a powerful initiative aimed at addressing the issue of human trafficking, particularly focusing on the vulnerable girls in Phoenix, Arizona and communities across the United States. Their collective passion for making a difference and bringing hope to those who had fallen victim to this heinous crime was the driving force behind the program’s inception.

The founders shared a deep commitment to combating human trafficking, an issue that had been largely overlooked at the time, especially in Phoenix. With a shared vision of creating a safe haven for trafficked girls, they embarked on a journey that would change countless lives.

The Where Hope Lives program initially began as a grassroots effort, with the founders leveraging their connections within the local community and church networks to raise awareness and generate support. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to the cause soon began to attract the attention of like-minded individuals and churches in the area.

Over the years, the program experienced remarkable growth and expansion, thanks to the generous support of churches and individuals who recognized the urgent need to combat human trafficking and provide a lifeline for its victims. These supporters rallied behind Where Hope Lives, providing financial assistance, resources, and volunteering their time to ensure its success.

In 2005 Dream City Church founded the Phoenix Dream Center which became a national leader in serving teen and young adult survivors of human trafficking.

In 2009 Christ Church of the Valley spearheaded the foundation of StreetLightUSA which became a national leader serving child and teen survivors of human trafficking. 

In 2023, as if guided by a divine hand, they merged their efforts officially, uniting under the banner “Where Hope Lives.” This new alliance was a testament to their unwavering commitment to the cause. Together, they are an unstoppable force, a testament to the power of faith and love in the face of evil.

But “Where Hope Lives” doesn’t stop at the borders of Phoenix.  

As God had orchestrated their union, they felt the call to spread their message and their process of hope to other communities around the world. They now equip these communities with best practices, resources, and the unwavering spirit of hope that had driven them to success. They knew that the battle against human trafficking was not confined to one city; it was a global fight, and together they could make a profound impact.

Only God knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain – it is filled with Hope…


  • Over 5,900 young survivors recovered since 2008
  • 57,000 square foot of space for healing care
  • 16 safe beds for boys and young men
  • 97 safe beds for young women age 17 to 26
  • 24 safe beds for girls age 11 to 17
  • 250 sex trafficking survivors served each year
  • $46K per year per young adult in healing costs
  • $219K per year per child in healing costs
  • 18 years passing legislation to help victims
  • Onsite medical center to address survivor needs
  • Onsite trauma informed sensory modulation rooms
  • Onsite nutrition and culinary arts programs
  • Onsite chapel is offered for spiritual nurture
  • Onsite behavioral health care healing services
  • Onsite trauma informed high school
  • Onsite physical wellness and wholeness center
  • Onsite eye care and dental care clinics
  • Onsite career training and job placement program
  • Where Hope Lives is one program operating on multiple campuses. 
  • Where Hope Lives serves adolescents at the StreetLightUSA Campus. 
  • Where Hope Lives serves young adults at the Phoenix Dream Center Campus.
  • Where Hope Lives believes that Healing begins with Hope, and Hope begins with You.
  • Where Hope Lives has a 5-year commitment to providing high-quality care to 1,000 survivors of human trafficking at a time. 
  • Where Hope Lives has a 30-year commitment to assisting 1,000 communities as they build outreaches and housing models to combat human trafficking. 
  • QCO – Yes, donations given to the Where Hope Lives Young Adult program are eligible for Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit #20061. 
  • QFO – Yes, donations given to the Where Hope Lives Teen program are eligible for Qualifying Foster Care Tax Credit . 
  • Yes! Where Hope Lives falls under the Business Name 
    “City Help Inc of Phoenix dba Where Hope Lives” tax ID #86-1001113.
  • City Help Inc of Phoenix is a Platinum Rated Nonprofit through GuideStar operating since 2002.  

The objectives and the missions of StreetLightUSA and the Phoenix Dream Center align at the point in which both are an expressly Christ-centered approach to combatting human trafficking. The heart and the passion and the vision comes from a Christ-centered response, and all roads of redemption lead to the children and young adults who are being served walking in a healthy personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Here are some of the strategic objectives for Where Hope Lives. 

  • Where Hope Lives is one program operating on multiple campuses. 
  • Where Hope Lives serves adolescents at the StreetLight Campus. 
  • Where Hope Lives serves young adults at the Phoenix Dream Center Campus. 
  • Where Hope Lives is committed to one day serving human trafficking survivors of all ages. 
  • Where Hope Lives has a 5-year commitment to providing high-quality care to 1,000 survivors of human trafficking at a time. 
  • Where Hope Lives has a 30-year commitment to assisting 1,000 communities as they build outreaches and housing models to combat human trafficking.  

How does the transition contribute to the overall impact and sustainability of the effort? 

By aligning the Phoenix Dream Center and StreetLightUSA vision and resources we are able to: 

  • Allow a national roll-out of the Christ-centered best practices for other churches to engage in the fight in their cities through Awareness Walks, Community Outreaches, and Direct Services of children and minors. This is enabled through the City Help Inc Foundation Stop Traffic Walk which is already in 12 cities and growing. It also piggybacks on the large Dream Center Network leveraging centers that have trafficking outreaches and shelters that want to follow the Where Hope Lives best practices established by Phoenix Dream Center and StreetLightUSA. 
  • Redirect significant donor development to targeted areas of need. For example, CHIP Foundation recently raised $500K to remodel the 4 StreetLight Homes with an aggressive timeline of completion in 2 months. The SL team on the ground did not anticipate having those homes done for 1 to 2 years. 
  • Capitalize on the synergies between the best revenue-generating mechanism of both CHIP Foundation and SLUSA in the areas of billing insurance for contracts but also in donor development, marketing, and fundraising. 
  • Reduce duplicity of services and redirect those funds to direct client services.  There are significant savings to be had which in turn can be redirected to direct client services in the areas of maintenance, accounting, administration, and other overhead services.
  • Ensure an extreme bias toward Christ-centered staffing culture. By centralizing hiring services to be biased to the internal pipeline that CHIP Foundation has for recurring from church sources and Christian college sources, we help ensure a staff culture that is serving from a Christ-centered perspective.